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hello everyone, My Name is Vivian Nolwazi from Benoni, Gauteng I was struggling to get a child, after i got married, my husband had a child before we came together, but me i haven't, for seven years of our marriage, we struggled to get a child but i could not,my husband was patient with me until he was fade up, i went to medical doctors and they checked me and they found that my womb was OK and even my husbands sperms were ok, but yet i could not get the baby, they also didn't know why because the scans were showing that i am perfect and could produce yet we are struggling.
My husband decided to leave me and got another woman who can produce for him, and the woman he got yes, got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. but he we loved each other and had been patient with me but nothing was happening,i was crying day and night,even at work i lost concentration because it was eating me up.and i didn't know what to do.
Then my sister from Durban came to me and told me about Dr bahati who helped her friend Tembi got pregnant and also she was fired from work but when they contacted Dr bahati he prayed for them and then she got a good job and Tembi gave birth after 5 years of struggling.
So she gave me his number and i called him, and i explained to him everything i was going through, i am self employed, i own a property company but my business was not doing well, so i needed luck also and a baby and the return of husband home.because i was lonely.
To cut the story short, He told me to send him my details, my name and age with 1400 rand so that he can check and see what the problem is and then start my work, i did not hesistate because i needed help very soon and badly, so i sent him the money and my details, then after one day i called him and he explained to me everything, and i was in shock because he told me exacltly what had happened to me during my childhood and thats where the bad luck came from, he told me everything, and there was a person behind my suffering, and i could not believe it after he told me who it was, though , he did not tell me immediately before i could see the results but he told me that after i give birth, the first person who will come to see the baby, that will be the person who had been blocking and bewitching you all these years.
I got pregnant when my husband came to check on me, and this was one week after consulting Dr bahati, but thank you so much Dr bahati for restoring my life from the grave. my husband came back when he saw that i was pregnant and so he took care of me during my pregnancy, because he was so excited about what had happened, he asked how come that i got pregnant but Dr bahati had told me not to tell anyone even my husband until i gave birth, right now he knows and we are planning to go to Durban to visit dr bahati with our child. i feel so good.
i was so much in shock to find out after that it was my untie from Eastern Cape, who had done this to me, she came after i gave birth and cried before my face and apologized, she told me everything she was doing, that she hated my father and so when i was born, she hated me so she did charms on me so that i can never have joy and peace in my life, and never to hav e a baby, she even tried to kill my baby during pregnancy, because she was shocked that i got pregnant yet she knew what she was doing to me. i called dr drake amidst when i heard all these, and i told him everything, but he told me to forgive her, some people are jealousy of others, she envied my father so she put a bad luck on our family.
but to be honest i couldn't believe that it was my family member doing this to me. no wonder the medical doctor could not find a problem with my womb, because it was spiritual and witchcraft,
Thank you Dr bahati for helping us, we are now a stable and successful family my boy is growing fast and healthy, every time something happens i call dr bahati and he is ready to help with his powerful spells.
please i wanted to share my story so that i can help someone who is struggling in life, business and relationship for whatever cause it is. please contact Dr bahati and he will help you.
I am Vivian Nolwazi from Gauteng.
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