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This Cream is formulated only for men. This cream will provide unique blend extracts of Traditional and natural plants ie Ntengo seeds oil, palmetto and Nettle roots together with pumpkin seed oil extract and lemon bioflavonoid concentrate. These herbs can support men’s health by contributing to;
1. Enlargement of Penis to the size that you want.
2. Enlargement of Penis length that you want.
3. Control early ejaculation and low sex drive.
4. Sperm booster.
This 4 in1 manhood Enlargement Cream will help you to increase the size of your manhood to the size you want. It even makes you strong to be able to make more rounds in bed, it Increases length of your manhood. Hence controls early ejaculation.
This Manhood enlargement cream product comes in different types of packages. So you can choose the manhood enlargement cream package of your choice; we have the manhood enlargement cream in medium size, large size and the super size manhood and enlargement cream for extra larger.

NB: Changes are 100% guaranteed within the first 3 days of usage and NO side effects but permanent results
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