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dearest friends and fellow South Africans don’t waste your time and money on fake Spiritualist who promise and they don’t deliver, I guarantee you Pastor Jama will never disappoint you, only one visit to him and you will live to smile am Joe resident of Midrand, after I saw an article in the newspaper saying that Pastor Jama never charges, I believed in him, I booked an appointment and met with him, at his beautiful house.

As I couldn’t stay in a relationship, whoever came in my life then something happens and she leaves me. It was a bad curse on me. But after I saw Pastor Jama he touched my forehead, palm prayed for me and told me and told me to wait for 7 days. In just 3 days my girlfriend requested us to meet with them at their home. On arrival, my girlfriend knelt down and told me she is ready to be my wife. We made a great wedding and we are very happy. Thanks, Pastor Jama.

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