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Custom Spells

Remove Jealous Others, Negative Influences & 3rd Party Interferences Spell:
Get rid of outside influences that may be harming the success of your relationship. Whether it be your family and friends, your partner's family and friends, or even someone else trying to "steal" your mate away from you, this will silence their negative influence and discontinue all of their attempts to sabotage your relationship.

Make My Lover Stop Cheating Spell:
If you have discovered your mate is being unfaithful, but wish to continue on with the relationship, this spell will remove third parties (the mistress or secret lover) away from your partner.

Your lover will no longer wish to be untrue to you and will want to remain at your side only. Highly successful fidelity spell.

Marriage Proposal & Commitment Spell:
Want to push things further along in a stagnant and unsure relationship? Your partner will be more open to the idea of marriage or commitment to establish your true connection and seriousness level.

This will also remove any fears, doubts, or negative thoughts you or your mate may have about the future of your relationship, and will allow the both of you to express your feelings more openly.

Sexual Chemistry Spell:
This spell will ignite the fire and flames between you and your lover for increased passion and desire. Your mate will want to satisfy your needs in every way that you wish. The sexual chemistry you once had in the beginning will arise again. This spell is good for couples whom have lost that "spark" or physical connection.

Attraction Spell/Bring Forth A New Lover Spell:
Attract new and positive love into your life with this spell. A mate that is most compatible for you on all levels will be more available to you.

Have someone you attracted to and wish they would feel the same?

This spell will spark their interest in you right away. Your love life possibilities will increase, and your chances of finding "The One" will be in your favor. +27780510445

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