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Eternal love is the basis for poetry, romance, and the powerful foundations of every great story. Imagine the strength of having eternal love in your life and living every day with the blessing of timeless affection. The Eternal Love Bond spell creates an everlasting love between you and the subject of your affection. This love cannot be broken and will withstand the trials of eternity no matter whom or what might try to break it. It is the most powerful spell to create an everlasting love that will endure throughout all time. This strong witchcraft spell is perfect for anyone who wants to protect and ensure the vibrant love in their relationship. Couples that have proven their enduring affection for one another and have built a strong foundation of love can use the spell to create a protective energy that forever binds them with love for one another. It shields them from any persons, actions, or events that might otherwise threaten their relationship for all eternity.

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